The Hawick Paper


First farmed in the late 15th century, Gatehousecote Farm lies between Abbotrule and Hallrule Mill, on the Foderlee Burn. The farm has been owned by Simon Shirley-Bevan since 2000.

Sheep driven from Gatehousecote (1896). Photo: Heritage Hub

Sheep being driven from Gatehousecote to Hawick Station (1896). Photo: Heritage Hub

Norman Walter:

My late father used to work as a herdsman at Gatehousecote farm and we lived in the cottages by the bridge. I am led to believe back then the farm was nearly 10000 acres producing sheep milkers and beef. I think a Gentleman called Timmy Douglas had the farm and still rears sheep but I may be wrong. My father was a Heardsman there and we left in 1961.